Error when parsing assembly graph data in Bandage Image

Dear Galaxy Users,
I am new to genome analyses and was running through some of the tutorials to get familiar with the functionalities and workflows in Galaxy. Whilst running through the De Bruijn Graph Assembly tutorial, I got an error trying to create the output images of the Bandage Image tool. .svg files did not render and when trying to output the result as a .png, I get an error:

Detected locale “C” with character encoding “ANSI_X3.4-1968”, which is not UTF-8.
Qt depends on a UTF-8 locale, and has switched to “C.UTF-8” instead.
If this causes problems, reconfigure your locale.

Is there something I can do to solve this?
Thank you for any help!

Hi @Manuel1,
From what I see, the latest Bandage Image version is not compatible with LastGraph from velvetg. You probably noticed that Velvet tools are marked as “training”. The software is old, and alternative tools, such as SPAdes, are more efficient. Note that the latest Bandage Image version can visualise SPAdes output.

Try an older Bandage Image version with velvetg file. Galaxy Version 0.8.1+galaxy0 should be OK. Users can select a tool version during at the job setup page via Versions (three cubes icon) at the right end of grey bar at the top of the middle window.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,

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Hi @igor,
Thank you very much for your advice on this. I’ll try both suggestions, using an older version of the tool with Velvet and the neweest version with SPAdes to get a feeling for how each works.

Thank you again,