Bandage visualisation tool error

I am using Bandage tool and facing this error, what could be the solution?

Detected locale “C” with character encoding “ANSI_X3.4-1968”, which is not UTF-8.
Qt depends on a UTF-8 locale, and has switched to “C.UTF-8” instead.
If this causes problems, reconfigure your locale. See the locale(1) manual
for more information.
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to ‘/corral4/main/jobs/051/833/51833785/_job_tmp/runtime-g2main’
error: while parsing GFA record

Hi @moral_seekers


Well, that test went quickly!

The tool seems to output what you got whenever the input isn’t in the correct, expected format. In my tests, there was more content below that message. So, when you troubleshoot more, make sure that you are also using a file that this tool knows how to work with and those extra comments may also provide clues.

This is my test history with the examples of correct/incorrect inputs both with labels:

The tutorial/data I used is from here: Chloroplast genome assembly

Hope this works out!

This could be a server side problem, and not a data content problem.

  1. First, try a rerun. The server had some maintenance downtime last week, and a few tools failed for odd reasons. Any failures from that timeframe should be rerun. That may include the need to upload data again for some people. If that solves your problem, please let us know!

  2. Should the problem persist with a rerun now, and the input appears intact (not truncated, and the correct datatype detected by Galaxy), please share more details with an example. I’ll also start up an independent test – but which version of the tool and which of the several accepted inputs types produced the error is a bit of a guess so far. An example would help.

You can share back a link to the history. Also, please send in a bug report directly from the error and I’ll watch for it. Leaving the inputs and outputs undeleted will be important. Troubleshooting errors

Thanks for the followup and for reporting the problem!