Error with Cluster.split

HI, I am using At the part cluster split after remove lineage, i continue doing for cluster.split, but the the data have no data first. So, i rerun again and the result shows " remote job server indicated a problem running or monitoring this job"

I already send in the bug to the server community.
Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon.

Hi @hasanah

I think that I replied to your bug report this morning.

The inputs look fine, and I can see that you are following a Mothur tutorial (this one or the short version) → Hands-on: 16S Microbial Analysis with mothur (extended) / Microbiome

I had suggested a rerun before I read your post about you were already trying that. So, please try one more time just in case something was a temporary problem.

Also, I’m going to run a test using that tutorial’s data and workflow to see if I can reproduce this at the server. And if I can’t and this really is a data problem (not so easy to detect), at least that will generate a sort of reference history or “answer key” for how to do the manipulations that you can use to figure out which upstream step needs to be redone.

More feedback soon.

Removed for now The test workflow is now executing. Shared history link (anyone can review and/or import to work with it) →

Hi Jennaj,

Thank you for your response. I try to open the link you give which the test workflow but it said 404 error. Sorry for the frivolous question.

Thank you

Hi @hasanah

Yes – that link is no longer valid. I’m still looking at this – more feedback soon, today if possible.

Dear Jennaj,

Alright take note of that,

Hi @hasanah

This is ticketed now → Repair Cluster.split at ORG · Issue #738 · galaxyproject/usegalaxy-tools · GitHub

I’m not sure when that will be corrected, so you might want to try this at instead. You can export your history to a file, then import at the other server to pickup where you left off. I ran the tutorial workflow there yesterday and it worked fine.

How to move data between servers → FAQ: Transfer entire histories from one Galaxy server to another