error with RNA STAR

Hello all,

I can see that the maintenance of the server is over and that jobs should be up and running. However, I continue to get the error " An error occurred while running the tool" when i try to run RNA STAR. Other analyses (eg FeatureCounts) seem to run without a problem, but RNA STAR refuses to collaborate. I already tried to re-run an analysis that I know works fine just to make sure that the issue is not on my part.

Galaxy Tool ID
Job State error
Command Line empty
Tool Standard Output empty
Tool Standard Error empty
Tool Exit Code
Job API ID bbd44e69cb8906b5a9d336c272a36525

Any explanation why this could be? TIA

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Welcome, @Maria_Kamilari !!

Some tools will still run into problems. See this topic I just updated about 30 minutes ago → April 17 2024: Maintenance event at (No destinations are available to fulfill request)

The best advice we have right now is to follow updates at until completely resolved.

Once that clears, and you are still getting odd tool errors, we would be interested in reviewing closer.

Hope this helps!