Hi all,

I have been using RNA STAR the main galaxy server for the past few months, though recently my jobs have been failing due to the following error:

BUG: next index is smaller than previous, EXITING

My pipeline had been working well for data coming from several sources until this error started popping up. I am wondering if something is wrong with RNA STAR on the server, since jobs that had previously worked correctly are now returning this error.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Hi @Murphytho

There is a known issue with RNA STAR today. Details:

That may not be your problem, but the tool was also updated to address some problems. Please try using the most current version (use the rerun button then the “Versions” pull down to navigate to the most current version, as specified in that post above).

If the rerun with the latest version works – great!

If the rerun with the latest version job fails, we can help. Please send in a bug report from the error, include a link to this post in the comments (so we can link the two together), leave all inputs and outputs undelete, and optionally let us know back here that you sent one in.