Error with STAR

I am trying to map fastq reads for a C elegans paired-end 150bp run using the RNA star tool. As soon as I click start I get the following error message:
Encountered an unhandled exception while caching job destination dynamic rule.

What am I doing wrong here? I should note that I was able to run HISAT2 on the same data and it worked fine.

Here is what I put in:

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The issue is now resolved. Please try a rerun if you have not already.

I tried STAR with dm6 but it shows same problem now.

I tried at Nov 17,18,19.


@Bumsik_Cho Thanks for the follow-up. We are testing the rn6 index directly and will write back once completed (likely tomorrow). This should have been working earlier, but double-checking is worth it.

More feedback soon

Update: Running RNA-Star against the built-in genome index rn6 was successful. Please try again now as well if you have not already.