FastQC and BWA stalled

Hello, I am trying to analyze a ChIPseq experiment for the first time. I have a collection of ten fastq files, and I queued a series of jobs on this collection: (1) FastQC, (2) Trimmomatic, (3) FastQC on the Trimmomatic output, and (4) BWA on the Trimmomatic output. The first FastQC job stalled with only 8/10 files completed. The Trimmomatic and subsequent FastQC jobs completed. The BWA appears stalled on the first 2/10 files. These have been stalled since Friday. Wondering if this is a typical run time and I should keep waiting, or if this is a sign of a problem? Very new to Galaxy. Thank you!

Hi @jar026

The server is very very busy. Updates are posting in this topic.