Server delays at Galaxy Main ~12/3/2019

I regularly use Galaxy for converting summit file into FASTA file for MEME-ChIP analysis.

For past 2 days, my work flow is not getting invoked.
Not even my file getting accepted after uploading.

It looks like my Galaxy work flow is frozen in time.

I do not get any error message.
just says work in queue. But never experienced work in queue for 24 hours

Any advice will be appreciated.


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I have no solution but want to chime in to say that I have the same issue - I went as far as purging all of my histories and reuploading my inputs, but even the upload is sitting in limbo

I submitted a workflow (12/3/19 @ ~ 03:00 UTC) and when I woke up this morning (12/4/19 @ ~14:00 UTC), the workflow had half-completed (usually would take ~ 1hr total) and nothing since has processed.

I was planning on giving it a day or so in case it is a traffic issue (I have been modifying my workflows, so I keep moving to the back of the queue), but if you have been having the problem for longer then maybe something is up

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Sounds like your problem is same like mine.

It can be traffic alone. There is something more to it.


One of my FASTA.gz files just went green after about an hour (it was a reference transcriptome, so it was pretty small) - at this rate it’ll take forever for my workflow, but just a heads up that it isn’t a completely dropped connection and may be traffic after all

File taking 1 hour to go green!!!

definitely not the usual pace of work flow in Galaxy in my experience.

I re-created my preferred work flow in my local server.


Hi @ahbedard & @deep

The public Galaxy Main server at has been under very heavy load for the last few days. We are watching it carefully.

The best advice, for now, is to queue up as many jobs as possible then allow them to execute as resources become available. Avoid deleting and rerunning, that will just put your new jobs back at the end of the queue, extending wait times.

Thanks a lot Jennifer for the update.


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Upload: The web interface may also be a bit slow to respond during peak usage times. We are also watching this closely.

The underlying reasons for job execution delays and slower web server responses are unrelated, technically, but more people accessing the server does usually translates to more jobs submitted.