File type for BUSCO --lineage-info

I’m unclear as to what file type is required for the BUSCO --lineage-info option. I’ve downloaded the eukaryota_odb10 from the BUSCO site and have tried uploading this folder, as well as a .zip, tar.gz, and .tar version of this folder, but none of these seem to be recognized by Galaxy. Help please? Thanks!

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Hello @MaxCoyle4

Lineage reference data for BUSCO needs to be installed as built-in indexes by the server administrator.

Are you running your own Galaxy server, or using a public Galaxy server?

If a public server, some have more indexes installed than others, and some have none. The Galaxy EU server has the most up-to-date and complete installed index content that I have personally noticed.

If your own server, this is the Data Manager to install and use:

Hope that helps!

ps: I should note that there is a project underway to consolidate and distribute full indexes, for all tools, across all usegalaxy.* servers, plus make those resource available for local and cloud Galaxy servers. It is still in progress, and the portion that does exist (CVMFS) currently contains (mostly) index content from the Galaxy Main server. If interested, the project is here: