Filter by length

I’d like to know exactly the size of each read and to count each size. I only found the tool filter by length but the result is limited. For example i set a size range between 0 and 100, and after 100 and 200…… the tool gave me the number of reads in each range. It’s time consuming because the full length genome is 7500 bp long.
Do you know a way to sort the read by length and to count the occurrence of each length directly?
Thanks a lot for your help.

Welcome, @Sebw

This tool is probably what you are looking for: Compute Sequence Length

Link to the tool at Galaxy

Link at Galaxy | Europe

Search the tool panel with keywords at other servers to find it. I used “length” as my keyword, and the correct hit was in the top 2 at both of those.

Related tools are covered in a tutorial if you want to parse that output more: Data Manipulation Olympics

Hope that helps!