Analysis of ChIP-seq tutorial


I’ve been working through the Analysis of ChIP-seq data tutorial and i’ve ended up a bit stuck. I have extracted seq data using the “extract genomic DNA” tool, but when I move onto the next stage “Filter sequences by length” it errors - “There is no sequence that falls within your range.” I have tried other sequence lengths, but it doesn’t work.

The data set doesn’t actually contain any sequences of < 8 nt in length so I tried to go straight to using MEME. Again, it didn’t work. I have compared my outputs to that in the Reb1 tutorial histroy. My FASTA file appears to have exactly the same data in it as that in the tutorials history. I downloaded THAT dataset, number 43, but still got the same errors that I was having.

I guess that i’m doing something pretty stupid but I don’t really know where to go or what to do, any help with this would be gratefully appreciated.