ChIP-seq raw data [Zenodo] link is missing

Dear All, Brand new user here. Thank you all, whoever involved in this mega project in some or other way. The training videos and lessons are so exciting. Cant stop myself learning it quick.

The ChIP-seq raw data [Zenodo] link is missing in the Lesson- “Identification of the binding sites of the T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia protein 1 (TAL1)” under Galaxy training Methodologies “Epigenetics”.
I am using Galaxy US version.
Thank you all in advance!
Practicing other lessons till i get the update on this question!

Hi @don123 , here is the URL: Training material for ChIP-seq analysis

it is mentioned in the ‘Metadata’ box at the top of the tutorial under 'datasets, but you’re right it should be linked in the tutorial as well!

We will fix this in Add URLs for data to import by hexylena · Pull Request #5074 · galaxyproject/training-material · GitHub

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