Filtering collection with paused dataset

Is there a way to filter collections which have some items which are paused? I feel like the collection is not accepted by any tool because it is not ready…

Hi @lldelisle

Not that I know of – the filter is just for failed jobs, which would exclude that data from downstream steps.

Some tools do require that the inputs are in a “ready” state before the job will submit. Using a workflow is how to get around that.

Maybe this can be addressed in the tool wrappers better (not sure but pretty sure it has come up before). I think it is tricky due to how the input “datatype checks” work. The developers would know more… we could invite them in here, or cross-post over the to matrix chat, or even open a ticket for the request.

Let me know if I can help. I do think it would be a better user experience if every tool would just submit and do the checks/fail with a special error message if those datatype checks don’t “pass” later on… but that introduces a different problem (losing the ability to “force” a tool to accept any input via drag/drop). This seems worth discussing again. There might be a new solution that satisfies both use cases.

Thanks. I will create a new tool or modify the filter failed.

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