First time following untargeted LCMS interactive tutorial and discovered missing tools
Missing tools for untargeted LCMS interactive tutorial.
The list below was copied from the tutorial list of tools for processing demo data.
I found msnbase_readmsdata but did not have permission to install into Galaxy

xcms plot chromatogram
xcms findChromPeaks (xcmsSet)
xcms findChromPeaks Merger
xcms groupChromPeaks (group)
xcms adjustRtime (retcor)
xcms fillChromPeaks (fillPeaks)
xcms process history

I’m requesting that above list be installed into Galaxy or a custom set of the above tools made available to me.

Rob Kleps

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Hello Rob, you can find the tools here:

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Thank you very much. Now I can stumble forward towards my goal.


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Why is so slow today 14:00 CST (Chicago, IL, USA) Thursday Sep 23, 2021.

I’m uploading LCMS data for processing at less then 40Mb / HOUR