FTP Upload Stopped Working at https://galaxytrakr.org/

I have uploaded data via FTP many times in the past, using FileZilla. I went to connect to the host (upload.galaxytrakr.org), and it had a ECONNREFUSED error. I had my IT department look at firewall settings and I got this response:
I still haven’t been able to get it working. I’m sorry but we don’t think there’s much we can do at this point.

We confirmed that Filezilla itself is working on campus by using usegalaxy.org. Also tried upload.galaxytrakr.org from a computer off campus that doesn’t have our firewall and setting, it still didn’t work.


Found this documentation that seems to be the “right” way to configure this, but this doesn’t work either.

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Hi @rwolking

First, I removed your graphic from the post to protect your identity. Please avoid posting email addresses or usernames to this public forum, especially since you are working at a government-hosted, private Galaxy server.

At https://galaxytrakr.org/, to the right of the login form is the contact information for this server. There appear to be a few ways to make contact:

  1. A dedicated password-protected forum, and
  2. A support contact email address

I would suggest checking to the forum to see if others also have noticed the problems with FTP at this site, or perhaps the administrators have already posted a notice, or you could ask a new question. If you post at any forum, I would suggest explaining the problem general terms, without posting any of your personal information. The alternative is to email them. You may need to update your credentials at that server since some of your information was posted here already – ask those administrators for direction about this.

Hope that helps!