Galaxy warns over quota

Hello, do you have any ideas why this happens? According to Galaxy I have 300 GB but I only have one history with 100 GB (screenshot below). Everything else is permanently deleted. I checked (screenshot below). I purged the histories directly. It has something to do with it? I provided some pictures below.

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Galaxy does not always recalculate your quota usage, as this is an expensive operation. In those cases please log-out and log-in again and this operation is triggered.

Hope that helps,

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I’ve done it a few times. Still is the same. Is there any way I can contact them and request a recalculation?

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I read this and it seems that I have a similar problem. Negative disc quota

After purging everything, I had 79% full. Isn’t it a little bit much? Is gonna be a pain to deal with only 50 GB. More than that, in time are those 50 GB gonna get full as well? Is there any solution to that? Or my only resort is to ask for more space? I also looked into Cloudman but it doesn’t look free unless I am missing something.

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Hi @Sammy

I couldn’t find a registered account at Galaxy Main with the same email address as your account here at Galaxy Help. If working at Galaxy Main, send me (@jennaj) a direct message containing the registered account email address you use there and I can reset your quota directly. Or, you can send an email to (admin typo fixed)

How to send a direct message in Galaxy Help.

Go to the upper right corner and…


If working at a different Galaxy server, you’ll need to contact the administrators of that server with the same information. If Galaxy EU, @bjoern.gruening would be able to help you here the same way (direct message). If a different public Galaxy server, the contact information is usually on the home page of the server and sometimes here

Update: Both servers offer more quota in certain cases. Make contact first so we can find your account.

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Sent you a direct message. Thanks a lot. You’re a life saver. Yes, I have an account at Galaxy Main.

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Thanks - I reset the quota and it reduced quite a bit, please check it now.

One last question: I usually purge the histories without deleting every file from it. Is this something that might lead to the accumulation of a lot of junk in my quota over time?

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Purging histories also purges (permanently deletes) all of the datasets inside it.

There is likely some issues with the log out/in function with respect to resetting quota (or a related issue that results in the same behavior). Our developers are aware of reports of end users having problems around this. Seems to have started around the middle of last week. We have been unable to reproduce this with internal testing, but I’ll follow up with them again next week.

Meanwhile, if you or anyone else has a quota reset issue, contact us and we can reset quota from the admin side.

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Got it. Thanks for your help

Hey, it’s me again. I have the same problem again. Galaxy is warning that I have ~500 GB full, however I only uploaded ~40 GB worth of data. On Saturday my quota was reset to 0%. But now, that my data is uploaded, I have again the same issue.

I also tried to send an email to but it says:

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Hi, Sorry, there was a typo in the address. I corrected it above, and here it is again:

I also fixed your quota, is at 43.9 GB now. And have alerted out admin team this is a definitely problem (log out/in to reset quota). We’ll get that fixed.

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