Galaxy101 tutorial question

I am following galaxy 101 tutorial.

Which exon had the highest number of repeats? How many repeats were there?

chr22 19150024 19150283 ENST00000086933.2_cds_2_0_chr22_19150025_r 0 -
chr22 27796762 27800543 ENST00000302326.5_cds_1_0_chr22_27796763_r 0 -
chr22 50603840 50605064 ENST00000329492.6_cds_4_0_chr22_50603841_f 0 +
chr22 17119390 17121127 ENST00000331437.4_cds_0_0_chr22_17119391_r 0 -
chr22 19766388 19766867 ENST00000332710.8_cds_8_0_chr22_19766389_f 0 +

How many repeats were there?

Is the answer above is correct? I have shared my history.

Appreciate your help. Thanks.

Hi @Jayanthi_Ramprakash

The dataset posted represent just the “exons”.

What tutorial are you following? The answer is probably in dataset 20, not dataset 21, and the tutorial should include the answer. But that’s just a guess – it looks like you may have missed a step, creating empty datasets in the middle of the history.

This is a different version (from GTN) for comparison: Galaxy 101

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|ENST00000086933.2_cds_2_0_chr22_19150025_r |3|
|ENST00000302326.5_cds_1_0_chr22_27796763_r |3|
|ENST00000329492.6_cds_4_0_chr22_50603841_f |3|
|ENST00000331437.4_cds_0_0_chr22_17119391_r |3|
|ENST00000332710.8_cds_8_0_chr22_19766389_f |3|

Above is data set 20. I am following Galaxy 101 tutorial in Introduction to Galaxy analysis. I am talking about last question in this tutorial and answer is not given in the tutoril. Thanks for replying.