Getting partial conversion from transcript to gene when using Salmon on Galaxy

I was hoping someone can please help me with an issue I can’t really figure out…

I ran samples on Salmon through Galaxy. I also provided a conversion file, with transcript name and gene ID (C. elegans). However, when I look on the “gene quantification” output, which supposed to have “WBGene00022229” for example, many of the entries have the gene name (F54D7.7 for example). I checked and these genes are mapped in the file I provided, but they have slight modification (for example, F54D7.7.1 instead of F54D7.7).
When I ran it through tximport on RStudio and then I get all the genes, but I don’t understand why running it on Galaxy don’t work.
I want to compare the Galaxy results with the tximport results…