Goseq for Gene IDs and differential expression output

Hi. I am trying to get GO enrichment analysis using goseq. When running the tool compute, I add the code “bool(float(abs(c3)) > 1 and float(c7) < 0.05)” to get the Gene IDs and differential expression output, but all the DEGs were still analyzed as " False". Can I get help from the code?

Hi @Danni

The third tutorial in the end-to-end analysis in the transcriptomics tutorials has examples: Galaxy Training! >> 3: RNA-seq genes to pathways

To see what those computed values are in your file, you could append them independently. Meaning, leave out the true/false bool part – instead just report what was found for each term for review. You’ll probably spot what is going on.

The data filtering tools here might help if the list of genes is long: Data Manipulation Olympics