Question regarding goseq in RNA-SEQ tutorial

I am working through the Reference based RNA-SEQ data analysis tutorial and am at the stage where the differentially expressed genes are being run through goseq. However, I see that in the previous step (compute), we only add one expression to select for significant adjP.values (bool(float(c7)<0.05)). Don’t we also need an expression to determine the significant log2FC? And how would we add this in the expression statement? Many thanks for the clarification!

Hello @mfaleevs

See this part of the tutorial Reference-based RNA-Seq data analysis for FC manipulations.

The End-to-End Analysis trio of tutorials will also have more content about pathways/GO.

And, of course, you don’t have to do exactly or only what is in the tutorials. Those are just examples to get you started :slight_smile: and exploring on your own more ways to slice the data is encouraged and expected. Maybe you’ll come up with a novel method, or adapt some other known method (from a publication, or mentioned at some general biology forum).

What code should we include to determine the significant log2FC? (bool(float(c7)<0.05)) only determine adj.p?