GoSeq error of my data

Hello, I’m beginner of this Seq analysis starting with Galaxy.
I have studied this about 2 months.

I learned rna-seq analysis using galaxy through tutorial.

Reference-based RNA-Seq data analysis (galaxyproject.org)

I followed the tutorial perfectly using data set provided by tutorial, not any error.

but I can not execute “Goseq” process with my data, before this process everything is fine.


I checked my two input data ( [geneid, logic], [gene id, length])
But I checked my logic data after “compute (bool<0.05)” became short line (55402 ->17081).

I found the reason is my adj-p value of lots of genes are NA.

I am not sure It is reason of error.
but, I downloaded my data to my computer as a excel format.
and I intentionally changed NA to False and upload this file to galaxy history again.


because I think the reason of Goseq error is not the same number of row between two input data.
But It is also not excuted.

Please help me.