Help with datasets


I have been use galaxy for the last couple of weeks in order to analyze RNA-seq. Today I logged in to my account and found out my History has been deleted and the datasets are are accessible only through User>datasets. I need those files but cannot figure out how to get them back all at once.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi @HUJI_stu

It appears that you have been using two accounts at One does not contain any data at all (datasets or histories) and the other contains both. Each account was activated but just the account with data was logged into since account creation/activation (in Jan 2021).

It is very important to have/create/use just one account at each public Galaxy server.

I am going to send you a direct message with more details so you can 1) find your most recent work and 2) we can clear up the multiple account issues together before those become administratively problematic. If something else is going on, we can also resolve that in the private direct message.

The two accounts may have been created during a class.

  • Are you certain that you were logged into your own Galaxy account while working? One account was logged into and activated on 2021-01-15, but was not logged into when any data was created. If you are not logged into your Galaxy account while working, then it is the same as using no registered account. Data is not retained once you close your browser window, and it is lost.

Important: It isn’t possible to have datasets available (User > Datasets) when there are no active histories to contain them (User > Histories) when logged in .

If you have not closed your browser window yet, it may be still possible to log into Galaxy and have the work saved into your own account. Try that first before anything else is done. Then write back. You can write back in the direct message to keep your email/credentials private. This topic is public – please do not post back your email address or any other private information here. Use the direct message instead. And even in that direct message, do not post back your password. Administrators will never ask for or need it.