history and data disapear

Hello, I can not see my history, it is like if had desapear i was log in with my admin-redacted-email-for-privacy account. And now the history look completly empty. Can somebody help me with this?

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@NABB it seems you have deleted your history permanently.

You can see this list if you go to Users --> Histories --> Advanced Search --> Deleted.

You can still see this deleted history, but your data is gone and you need to redo this. However, you should be able to see all steps and parameters.


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thank you very much,
it is so wird, I was running the analysis until several minutes ago and was still able to see the data :confused:

Thank you very much

FAQ: https://galaxyproject.org/support/missing-history/

Very sorry this occurred! Purging Histories is a two-step process but it still happens by accident every so often, usually when Histories are named the same or several are left with the default name.

Custom naming histories can help to keep work organized. Renaming can be done at the top of a History in the Analyze Data view (click on the default name and change it directly) or in the User > Histories view (click on the pull-down menu per history and choose option “Rename”).

Hopefully, this advice and the FAQ help to avoid future mix-ups.