How jobs execute

Hi, I’m Yoon.
I’ve tried to do DEseq process and featureCount process, but it still not downloaded.
I tried it since 2 days ago, and i tried it repeatedly.
Also, i checked Internet state and storage.

As i write, i checked some possible causes.
It still not work(it presents gray color), and it is not move on to the next level(yellow or green) .
Please let me know what should i do and what is the problems.
Thank you for your work.

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I’ve got the same issue too when running DEseq today, I’ve sent in the job 3 hours ago and it still hasn’t started running. Is there an issue with tool or is the server just slow? Thank you!

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Hi @Yu_eun_Min and @Lim_Sing_Wei,
longer queued stages (gray datasets) are usually caused by a heavy load on servers. Which Galaxy instances are you using?

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Hi all –

If you are working at, there is one very busy cluster. A new banner on the server explains:

Tools impacted include by the busiest cluster: Unicycler, SPAdes, and Trinity

Other clusters that run different tools are also very busy. Leave jobs queued for the quickest processing and to not lose your place in the queue. Three hours is not very long to wait – give it a few days – most jobs will process sooner than that, but the queue time is dependent on the server load as @gallardoalba stated.

The above applies to jobs that have valid (successful) inputs. It may be worth checking those upstream inputs for problems. If any are in an error or paused state, that could lead to downstream jobs pausing until the input is corrected – if you need to make a change to an input, that would be the exception for waiting. You should correct the inputs, then rerun.

FAQs: Galaxy Support

Note: When one public Galaxy server is very busy, you can try working at another. is one alternative. It is common to have one account at each distinct public Galaxy server. Each utilizes different processing resources.


I was using Galaxy in US and that have a problems(infinite loading on DESeq2), so i try it on Galaxy EU now.

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