How to add a user or administrator from command line (no SMTP config)?

I have started managing my own Galaxy instance using a virtual machine (virtualbox, not docker). I would like to add an administrator and a user, but I cannot use any SMTP server. How can I register those two users?

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Hi @SamGG,

to add an administrator you need to add user’s email to Galaxy’s configuration file (usually config/galaxy.yaml) and restart Galaxy - see details at

Ideally this user already exists in Galaxy, if it does not you can either create it through the UI or if you want to use the commandline as you mentioned you can make an API call (see details here). This is easier when you use some API library like Galaxy bioblend.

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Hi @marten,
I read the links you gave and I think they definitively answer the question. You answer leads me to think that what I need is very dummy. I installed Galaxy by cloning the Github repo. I run it without any problem. But I can’t remember if I had to setup an admin account at some step of the installation. Could you point me to the documentation step I forgot? Alternatively, you can join me offline.

Galaxy does not require to have an admin user, so during the first startup it just initialized empty Galaxy without any users. All users are subsequently registered (usually using the interface) and any number of them can be turned into admins by adding their associated email to the configuration file.

Does that help?

Thanks. My memory is not that bad. In the current case you clearly summarized, how could I add my first user without SMTP server?

SMTP server has nothing to do with user registration, you do not need it. You can go to the URL where your Galaxy is running and click on ‘Register’ in the top menu.

Too obvious. Many thanks, I would not have try it without your help.