Unable to log into local galaxy as admin


Help requested. I used git to install Galaxy onto my local machine (Mac OS) one day ago. I have added my email to the .yaml, with the correct spacing and without the ‘#’. I have restarted Galaxy and my browser and can connect successfully to the local server. Upon logging in with the same email from the yaml file, I can access Galaxy but I can’t see an Admin extension onto my toolbar.

This is what my YAML looks like:

info here from developers

admin_users: my@email.com

Any help would be so appreciated.

Welcome, @sara_hull

Did you also create and activate your account through the UI? Both are needed. Make sure to use the exact same email address since that is how the function “activates”. Remember that emails addresses are case-sensitive.

Hi there.

Yes, I did create and activate my account through the UI. I restarted my laptop and relaunched

sh run.sh

and watched the commands, and noticed that it said it was “Currently Serving on”. When I used this URL to log in, I am successfully able to see the Admin tab on the toolbar. I also checked this URL, “http://localhost:8080”, and I have the admin tab as well.

Thanks for your speedy response!!

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