How to do functional annotation after maker

I have annotated my sequence using maker pipeline (as per
According to training material after successful completion with maker Interproscan; Blast2Go will help for functional annotation. Where I have been running tool Interproscan(still job is running). Blast2GO requires blastxml input; when I have conducted NCBI blas+tBlastN I have got one file with XLSX format not xml (I have changed format by using data type and given as input to Blast2Go and it thrown error as problem with XML file) even if I use this tool successfully how this tool is useful for the outputs of maker? So Other than Interproscan; Blast2GO any other way for functional annotation?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

I also need to do blast2go of my transcriptome assembly. How can i make nr database oon galaxy and perform blast2go