how to run custom python and matlab scripts

I tried to reanalyze some published data. Fastq files were pre-processed using custom python scripts. Custom Matlab scripts were used to analzye sequence size and distribution. I am beginner in NGS data analysis and the tutorial ( Hands-on NGS analysis in Galaxy and IGV) showed me how to perform basic analysis to find variants using the existing tools. I am not sure how to run these custom python and Matlab scripts in galaxy. Some guidance are needed. Thank you!

Welcome, @Eric2282

You could try running those inside a Jupiter Notebook. For how to use an interactive session inside of Galaxy, please see Hands-on: JupyterLab in Galaxy / Using Galaxy and Managing your Data

Thanks for the reply. I will try Jupyter Notebook to integrate python scripts in the Galaxy. I also learned elsewhere that I can use octave to accommodate matlab scripts in the Galaxy.

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