How to use the RUVseq output in the EdgeR, Limma-voom or DEseq2?


I used the RUVseq to my data, and obtained table which looks like this:

identifier  condition   W_1
Counts_s1.tabular   Cont    -0.343905680583747
Counts_s2.tabular   Cont    0.581535965604329
Counts_s3.tabular   Cont    -0.285812794268053
Counts_s4.tabular   Treat   -0.25027199487464
Counts_s5.tabular   Treat   -0.271891634519469
Counts_s6.tabular   Treat   0.570346138641578

How can I use it in the subsequent analysis in EdgeR, Limma-voom or DEseq2 in Galaxy? If I just use this table as “design” file, it doesn’t work.
Thank you a lot in advance!