HTTP ERROR 500 Downloading Big bam files

I tried to download a big size bam files (>10GB) and it was not downloading. The following error showed :

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


May I know what could be the issue for this problem? It worked when I tried to download small files (<5GB). Thanks.

Hi Muazr-

I’m having trouble uploading local files onto the galaxy platform ( Warning: Error: tus: unexpected response while creating upload, originated from request (method: POST, url: /api/upload/resumable_upload/, response code: 502, response text).

It also says that " Galaxy could not be reached" which has been an intermittent error for 2 days now.

Could you try and upload a small file from your local system and test whether the upload function is not working for you either?


Hi egrow,
I have no problem uploading file from the local system. However, I encountered the same error uploading large file (>10GB), but not with all large files. It seems like there is a timeout or something that cause the upload to fail. I noticed that if the upload time was taking very long, it would most probably fail. I’m not sure if that is the case. It was only based on my observation.