I cannot add uploaded loom file on workflow

I have a loom file that was downloaded from public domain. The data is already done with QC and features annotation. I uploaded this loom file to the disk and I want to make it as my first step in the workflow. My second step will be filtering cells and normalisation…etc. The problem is that I do not know how to add my uploaded file. “Upload File from your computer” in Get Data tab is not clickable.
Please help!

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Hello @shanlin_tong

Are you working at Galaxy EU https://usegalaxy.eu? The Upload tool’s button for “Choose local files” is functional at that server.

Perhaps you are working at a different public server or your own? Please explain so we can try to help more.

Note that if you are working at a public Galaxy server you will not be an administrator, so the ability to create or add data to a Data Library will not be available. You can import data from an existing Data Library – or you can upload new data into a History.