Is it possible to have links to data instead of having galaxy copy the data

I’ve installed a galaxy instance on a machine that doesn’t have a lot of storage room, as we have a very efficient NAS. My idea was to mount each user’s NAS volume on that server and have it linked somehow to the user’s galaxy account.

To that end, I thought about using the FTP setup. This works fine and users have access to their respective data. However, the data cannot be used directly from that location and gets copied to the galaxy data folder which is annoying as I have to find a storage solution.

My questions are:

  • is there a way to have links to the data instead of copying it ?
  • or is there a way to have separate data folders for each user ?
  • or is there a simpler way that I overlooked?

Thank you for any suggestions

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It is possible to link-only data when you are importing them to data libraries. The details are explained here:

You could design something along the idea that every user has permissions to add data to their own data library folder and encourage them to link the data.