Is it possible to include EasyFig in Galaxy?

Hello community!
I have tried to use EasyFig on Windows and on MacOS but neither of them works. It seems that is a blast issue, but in several forums people are facing the same problem. I used to run EasyFig on my MacOS but after the Monterey 12.5 a lot of things stopped working.
Thus I was wondering whether is possible to include EasyFig on Galaxy?

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Hi @carlos.pqc

The tool is wrapped for Galaxy and available at this public server.

It is a new wrapper, so should work at that site. If you have problems with it, contact that domain-specific server admin for the quickest feedback. Or, if you want the feedback public, you could post here (new topic!) then share the link with the admins and request they answer here to help build up some knowledge about the server and hosted tools. You could also post back the answer they provide if you think it would help others.

How to move data between Galaxy servers. Moving individual datasets, not entire histories, is probably best for this case. Since you are currently working at, remember to set the history to a “shared by URL” state before capturing the dataset link. Or upload the data directly from your computer if it is there.