Issue resuming paused jobs.

I was uploading a few datasets but I forgot to log in and quickly went over disk quota, I logged in and began uploading once more. Once I was done I’d a quick scroll through to make sure everything was alright and found that the 3 datasets I tried to upload when I went over quota were paused. I followed the instructions given and pressed resume paused jobs in the History options and was told the jobs were resumed but they quite clearly haven’t been. Am I somehow pressing the wrong button or is there smething else I’m missing here?

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Hello @Simon_Mcglynn

Try logging out of Galaxy then back in again to reset your account state. Re-Upload any datasets that are incomplete. The “resuming upload” functions will probably not work with your particular case (created an account during an unstable dataset upload phase-state).

Then permanently delete (purge) any of the partial datasets to recover quota space, before you begin to work with the full/complete datasets.

Thank you very much, I’ll get right on that.