I've permanently deleted all the historical files, but the disk is still showing as full.

I’ve permanently deleted all the historical files, but the disk is still showing as full.

Welcome, @ZCL

Did you check under the User → Storage Dashboard yet? That will find all data in your account.

Then clear up data and use the Refresh function after purging large amounts of data. How long the reset takes can vary depending on the server where you are working … but generally can take up to a day.

I have checked and indeed deleted all the history, but the disk space is still insufficient.


That is just the active histories listing on the left, and one history on the right.

Data has three states: active, deleted (staged to be purged, but still recoverable), and permanently deleted (purged). Only the last one clears up working space.

Check under the storage summary location instead and you’ll probably spot where your data is so you can purge it. If not, you can screenshot those views and we can explain more for your exact use case.

Hello, I have refreshed again and confirmed that the history is permanently deleted and the disk space is currently normal. Thank you very much! But now there is a new problem, as shown in the figure, there is a problem uploading files from the local computer.

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Great, thanks for letting us know the data storage problem was resolved.

Would you please start up a new topic question for the upload problem? Be sure to note the URL of the public server where you are working, and a bit about the dataset you are loading: what kind of data, the extension of the file on your computer, and what settings you are using in Galaxy.

Using all defaults is recommended for all but a few datatypes. If Galaxy guesses wrong, that can be an important clue about a data issue. So please try a rerun that way before posting. Even if you used defaults to start with, a rerun also eliminates some transient problem being a factor.


Yes, the problem has been solved and the file has been uploaded successfully. However, running chipseq mapper always fails, and has been repeated twice, still with no result.


Glad the other functions are working. Please open a new topic for this new problem. Remember to include enough context: server URL, tool name, input data and settings, anything else you think is relevant. Thanks!