je-demulitplex tool is no longer available -- and is back again

I recently noticed that the je-demultiplex tool is no longer accessible. Is there any explanation for why it was taken down, and will it be put back up? I see a few other je suite tools, such as je-demultiplex-Illu and je-clips, but I’ve become reliant on je-demultiplex and would like to use it again, if possible.
Thanks for any information

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Welcome @jturo

Would you please confirm that you are working at Galaxy EU

If somewhere else, what is the URL?


Hi jennaj,
Thanks for the response. Yes, I am using

Funnily enough, I just re-checked for je-demultiplex and it is there again after being gone from Monday-Wednesday. Did you have any hand in putting it back? If so, thanks very much! I’m now doubting myself that it was ever missing, but it wasn’t appearing when I searched for it in the tools section, nor was there a ‘run again’ button available when looking through my previous runs of the tool in my histories. Has this sort of thing happened before?

Take care

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Hi @jturo

Thanks for confirming the server. Glad you can find these now, whatever went on.

No, I didn’t make any changes to that server. But the EU server’s administrators/team may have.

The “rerun” button not being present is a bit odd – but if the tools were removed, or possibly removed then added back again (the same or different versions), that could be a plausible explanation for what occurred.

Ping @bjoern.gruening (EU administrator) in case he has more feedback.

Best :slight_smile:

@jturo sorry for the problem. There was a Galaxy bug in the new 19.09 that prevented to load this tool. This was fixed in the meantime and everything should work now.

Thanks for reporting.

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Great, thanks for the help and information @jennaj and @bjoern.gruening.
Have a nice day