Job was running, now queued again

Hello, I submitted a job to run yesterday circa 3pm (mapping RNA-seq) and it started running a bit later yesterday afternoon. I’ve been checking back in on it periodically, and it was still running fine. I’ve just realised it now appears to be back in the queue. Should I be concerned or will it continue to run? Cheers!

Hi @natpeck

It sounds like the job started up again. Try to let it finished processing.

Some servers (example: will automatically rerun a job once if it fails the first time. That can be for reasons like the work needed more memory, or that there is some technical problem (inputs, or just a server hiccup). If it does end up failing again, then you could review the exact error message, and troubleshoot the inputs and parameters. For the first part (any messages in the logs) you’ll need a completed job. For the second, click on the job details (“i” icon) to see everything in a summary if you want to double check something early.

Most servers just run a job one time, but administrators can still force reruns for a range of reasons … but these cases are unlikely to be related to user-specified job details. But you can still double check your inputs at any time at these, too.

In short, I wouldn’t worry about this too much. Why? You’d need the job to complete anyway and produce logs before you’ll know exactly how it will run.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: