Kallisto not working on GVL?

Hello Galaxy community,
I built an EC2 instance with GVL on it, when I was trying to run Kallisto on my RNA-seq data, it failed and showing the error message below. Can anyone give me some suggestions? I really appreciate it!

Execution resulted in the following messages:
Fatal error: Exit code 137 ()
Tool generated the following standard error:
[build] loading fasta file reference.fa
[build] k-mer length: 31
[build] warning: clipped off poly-A tail (longer than 10)
from 1956 target sequences
[build] warning: replaced 8 non-ACGUT characters in the input sequence
with pseudorandom nucleotides
[build] counting k-mers … /galaxy/server/database/jobs_directory/000/91/tool_script.sh: line 22: 23 Killed kallisto index reference.fa -i reference.kallisto