kallisto quant failed - resolved

Run kallisto with .fasq and CDS.fa

and I failed with this fatal message

Fatal error: Exit code 255 ()

FATAL: container creation failed: mount /cvmfs/main.galaxyproject.org/galaxy->/cvmfs/main.galaxyproject.org/galaxy error: while mounting /cvmfs/main.galaxyproject.org/galaxy: while getting stat for /cvmfs/main.galaxyproject.org/galaxy: stat /cvmfs/main

/corral4/main/jobs/045/461/45461829/galaxy_45461829.sh: line 129: python: command not found

How can i solve this?

Hi @kocastl9,
this error is caused by a temporal problem in the server; I suggest you to run your jobs in usegalaxy.eu until the problems have been fixed.