Loading larger files to public Galaxy servers: Use FTP

I was not able to upload fastq.gz files from my PC (size around 1.5 Gb) to the usegalaxy.eu. I tried it many times with different files; the message was: Warning: Upload request failed. (0)
Is it possible to fix it somehow?

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Hi @CC_Tue

To Upload larger files to Galaxy, or multiple files in batch, from a local computer – try using FTP.

Note that the FTP URL differs by the server and is linked to an activated, existing registered account at that server (email plus password). The connection can be resumed if it stalls out due to an interrupted or slower internet upload speed. The latter is common for home networks (usually optimized for data download speeds).

I added some tags to your post that cover related Q&A and troubleshooting.

Hope that helps!

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Dear jennaj
thanks a lot, I will try this possibility (need to learn first, as I am new to FTP).
I hope it will work.


Few tips: Install and try using a simple application like Filezilla. All default settings should work fine. At the top, type in the target server’s URL for FTP then your email + password (same as used to log into Galaxy at that server) and click on the button for “quick connect”. Certificate pop-ups can be reviewed and accepted. Then it is as simple as navigating to the files on your computer on the left side and dragging them over to the server on the right side. The transfer status will be reported in the bottom tabs.

Don’t quit out of the application or let your computer “sleep” until the full data transfer is completed. Should a connection drop or a file partially transfer: click on quick-connect again, accept server certificate pop-ups, then click on “resume transfer”.

You can get fancier with a command-line function/string or by custom pre-configuring an FTP application (instructions are in the links I sent before), but that isn’t needed for most public Galaxy servers.

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Dear jennaj,

It is working!
Again many thanks for your help and best wishes!

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I already tested all options with FTP transfer files for Galaxy EU but Filezilla showed a critical error and I cannot connect with Galaxy EU server, here it is an Screenshot of this error.

I check several times my password and is correct, since i can login into galaxy server with chrome without any problem

Hi Diego,

there is an interval of time between when you create an account in the web interface and when that account is replicated into the FTP server.
I checked, and it’s now correctly present into the FTP server.
Please make another try

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