Magecks test stuck running (orange)

Hi, Magecks test appears stuck (>12h) in the running step with no error message (still in orange).
The input file is a tabular file and I have used previously Magecks test with success. If anyone has a clue on what could be the issue that would be great.

Hello @Thomas_Henry

If a tool is still executing, you’ll want to allow it to process. Quitting out earlier will prevent the job from completing, and also kill any informative logs that might be generated.

If you think that this may be a longer running job due to some input problem … you could 1) leave the job running and also 2) review what was originally submitted at the same time. Click on the “i” job info button to review. Example input format/content is on the tool form (scroll down to the Help section). This tool also has a tutorial linked here.

Should you get stuck during that review, you can share the details for a second look here. Search this forum with “sharing your history” for the how-to.