Medaka Variant pipeline: "medaka_variant: command not found"

When I try to run medaka variant pipeline, I get a “command not found” error:
/corral4/main/jobs/050/480/50480380/ line 10: medaka_variant: command not found

medaka variant pipeline via neural networks(Galaxy Version 1.4.4+galaxy1)


Hi @kscott94

Are you running through the GTN tutorial here? Large genome assembly and polishing

If so, check the “Available at these Galaxies” menu in the top information box. The servers supporting the tutorial’s methods are listed.

To help us to fix this at, please submit a bug report from the red error dataset. Including the URL to this topic will help us to link the two, and post updates back here. This one does need a fix but that won’t be immediate. More failure examples are helpful.


Ref: Troubleshooting errors