Messy Infernal (cmscan) output

Infernal is a very helpful suite of tools.
Unfortunately, the cmscan tabular output have issues related to fields delimiter (although we all know that Infernal’s guide says “tab-delimited files are a minor evil in the world”).

Using the version of cmscan, we always have to manually correct the tabular outputs in order to plot/interpret results;

Bad times whenever the term “Betaproteobacteria_toxic_sRNA RF02278” appears;

This record has [target name] [space] [target accession] format:

target name target accession
Betaproteobacteria_toxic_sRNA RF02278
Betaproteobacteria_toxic_sRNA RF02278


The correct would be [target name] [tab] [target accession]:

target name target accession
mir-515 RF00639
sn2417 RF01222
bxd_4 RF01932


Also, headers and values of some columns are pretty messed up:

strand trunc pass gc bias score E-value inc description of target
no 1 0.40 1.1 14.9 0.5 ? microRNA mir-515
no 1 0.45 0.2 12.2 1.2 ? Small nucleolar RNA sn2417
no 1 0.42 2.5 11.7 1.5 ? Bithoraxoid conserved region 4
no 3 0.30 0.4 12.7 2 ? Renin stability regulatory element (REN-SRE)
no 1 0.46 0.3 14.6 2.2 ? Small nucleolar RNA R72

I think it would be good for the users if this was corrected, as it could prevent misinterpretations of hits counts and it would save a good time of manual correction.

Is it feasible? Or ‘it is what it is’ because it’s from Infernal itself?