MethylDackel, GTN Tutorial Galaxies, and DNA Methylation

I was following the tutorial “DNA Methylation data analysis” and the MethylDackel tool that it says to use for Methylation bias and metric extraction can not be found. I tried to download the tutorial’s workflow and it says it is missing tools from the toolshed. Is there anyway to still use that tool? I have all my files in BAM format from using the bwameth tool but without the next tool I am stuck

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Hi @ntillquist

The tool may not be installed at the public Galaxy server you are working at currently. Or, you own Galaxy if that is where you are working.

Try working at one of the servers (or the Docker instance, if available) listed for the tutorial under the pull-down menu “Available on these Galaxies”.

GTN Tutorial DNA Methylation data analysis

GTN Topic: Epigenetics Galaxy Training!

Screenshot with that menu expanded. is one good choice as GTN tutorials are routinely tested there. This tutorial happens to also be associated with a pre-configured Docker image – navigate back up to the topic level to find the details if that interests you.

Hope that helps!

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