Misconfigured HTTPS certificate

When trying to launch JupyTool with an existing notebook on usegalaxy.eu, I get the following error:

Websites bestätigen ihre Identität mittels Zertifikaten. Firefox vertraut dieser Website nicht, weil das von der Website verwendete Zertifikat nicht für 2sx6qed78d4vs-2q1upci4pox8k.ep.interactivetool.usegalaxy.eu gilt. Das Zertifikat gilt nur für folgende Namen: *.aqua.usegalaxy.eu, *.earth-system.usegalaxy.eu, *.ecology.usegalaxy.eu, *.galaxyproject.eu, *.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.aqua.usegalaxy.eu, *.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.earth-system.usegalaxy.eu, *.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.ecology.usegalaxy.eu, *.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.live.usegalaxy.eu, *.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.test.usegalaxy.eu, *.interactivetoolentrypoint.interactivetool.usegalaxy.eu, *.usegalaxy.eu, galaxyproject.eu, usegalaxy.eu


Welcome, @bence.melykuti

If you saved your prior session (strongly recommended), start up a new interactive session then load your data up again.

Interactive sessions of the public sites can become stale, and that looks like what is going on.

For confirmation, ping @wm75

@bence.melykuti @jennaj we have updated Galaxy Europe to Galaxy release 24.0 over the weekend and experienced this certificate problem with our interactive tools as a side-effect.

The issue has been fixed yesterday and all your ITs should run fine again.
Please report back if something still isn’t working and thanks for reporting the problem this time :heart_decoration:

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CC @jennaj
Thank you!
Today, it has been working fine.
I noticed small changes on the user interface of Galaxy yesterday and that reassured me that something might have broken that used to work. Hence my report.

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