MiXCR clonotype data

I’m having trouble viewing the 512 successfully aligned TCR clonotypes from MiXCR. See 1) report of successful MiXCR run with 513 clonotypes and 2) empty clonotype file

Analysis date: Thu Oct 28 16:38:14 CEST 2021
Input file(s): mixcr_analysis.clna
Output file(s): mixcr_analysis.contigs.clns
Version: 3.0.5; built=Mon Feb 25 00:04:20 CET 2019; rev=af538f7; lib=repseqio.v1.5
Command line arguments: --report mixcr_analysis.report mixcr_analysis.clna mixcr_analysis.contigs.clns
Analysis time: 59.16s
Initial clonotype count: 513
Final clonotype count: 513 (100%)
Longest contig length: 553
Clustered variants: 0 (0%)
Reads in clustered variants: 0.0 (0%)
Reads in divided (newly created) clones: 0.0 (0%)


Hi @OrangeOwl23,
could you share your history with me? I’ll have a look at it.


Do I need your email in order to do that?

Hi @gallardoalba !

Any luck with troubleshooting this?


I’ll provide a feedback today; sorry for the delay.


Thank you!!

Hi @OrangeOwl23,
I’ll update the tool; I hope that it could solve the problems. It will be probably available at the beginning of the next week.


Sounds good, thank you! Let me know when you’d like me try running it again.

I just ran the MiXCR pipeline again, and got the same results. Successful run, but an empty clonotype file. Any other troubleshooting ideas?

Hi @OrangeOwl23,
can you share your history with the new tool version? I’ll have a look.