molecular dynamics workflow stuck

this invoked workflow has been stuck at what should’ve been a relatively short step. It’s been “running” for a few weeks. Ran this on

Job API ID: 11ac94870d0bb33a1b57076a9eb8139e

Hi @thepineapplepirate

Maybe try again now if this hasn’t completed?

The next troubleshooting step would be to try opening the workflow in the editor. Do you see any technical warnings that need to be addressed?

If all of that looks okay, what happens if you run the same tutorial workflow on the sample data provided in the tutorial?

Hi Jenna,

Appreciate the response :blush:. There are no technical issues with the workflow that I’m aware, and they would usually lead to an error and subsequent job failure if they’re any. This is sort of a unique issue, where it’s just stuck in a “running” state at a particular step, that should otherwise run in a handful of minutes or less. I’m also running this on the sample data. Wondering if the admins can look under the hood of that job ID and see what’s actually happening. Thanks!

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Hi @thepineapplepirate

I hope things are resolved by now. If not, please try reaching out to this dedicated chat usegalaxy-eu/Lobby - Gitter.

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