msPurityA error

Hi all,
msPurityA is working, but no data could be created. When I click on the dataset deails I have this :

How can I fix it ?


Welcome, @Axel-raux

These outputs are empty? It looks like you are running a version of the wrapper that isn’t hosted at a public server. Maybe try there for comparison, and then install the same version where you are working?

Also, are you working though a tutorial or using your own data? Tutorials will have example data/usage that can help with troubleshooting. The help section for this tool is also a good reference including the author link-outs.

Primary, includes a dedicated Docker image


If I’m guessing wrong for any of this … please share more details. This is the minimum information we need to help effectively → Troubleshooting errors. Include more details as appropriate: public server URL, local server details, is this the first time running the tool, do other tools work, is there anything special about the data?