Nextcloud integration

Dear Galaxyproject community,

I’ve been trying to use a feature documented here: Galaxy Europe | ownCloud and Nextcloud integration for your private data.
The idea is to provide privacy to our users while using I followed the protocol above, filled the information in Galaxy | Europe under “Your personal Nextcloud / ownCloud account”.
The problem is when I try to upload data (Upload Data > choose remote files). I don’t see an option to upload from Nextcloud / ownCloud. We also don’t see any requests from usegalaxy to our Nextcloud instance.

The information is correct; I tested the WebDAV access with curl.

Am I missing something? Do you have any tips to test this integration?
Thank you in advance,

Welcome, @tbrittoborges

We’ll need some EU people’s input for this, ping @bjoern.gruening @wm75 @gallardoalba

I also cross-posted this over to their chat, and feel free to join there. Posting back general resolutions that happen in chat is always appreciated :slight_smile: You're invited to talk on Matrix


in theory we still support this feature, we just needed to disable it because of this bug: webdavfs reads entire file into memory · Issue #32 · PyFilesystem/webdavfs · GitHub

We need some time to fix that bug before we can reliably enable the feature in production again. We try to prioritize that. Can you wait a few more weeks?


Thanks for forwarding this @jennaj.

Hi @bjoern.gruening, thanks for the prompt response. Yes, we can wait a few weeks.
Thank you,