Not able to view coulmn headers for DESEQ2

Ran feature counts results in deseq 2 but the results file does not show column name such as p value and logfold change

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Hello @jananis

The values in each data column are described on the tool form down in the Help section, and the tutorials linked there have tutorial/workflow examples if you want to compare.


DESeq2 generates a tabular file containing the different columns and optional visualized results as PDF.

Column Description
1 Gene Identifiers
2 mean normalised counts, averaged over all samples from both conditions
3 the logarithm (to basis 2) of the fold change (See the note in inputs section)
4 standard error estimate for the log2 fold change estimate
5 Wald statistic
6 p value for the statistical significance of this change
7 p value adjusted for multiple testing with the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure which controls false discovery rate (FDR)

By selecting Output sample size factors in the “Output options” selection box, the size factors used to normalize the samples can also be output as a tabular file.

Hope this helps but please explain if you need something else. :slight_smile:

Example: you want to add in a header? See the tools in this tutorial for suggestions. Just keep in mind that downstream tools might complain if there is a header included that wasn’t expected. → Hands-on: Data Manipulation Olympics / Data Manipulation Olympics / Foundations of Data Science